About me

I was lucky enough to be born and raised on the so-called island of poets, specifically the same area where ‘Twins apartments’ stands. I left the island to study at university, then I met my husband and my family and I have been living in Patras from then on because of his job. I always return to Nikianan to spend some weekends in the winter and the whole summer, yet the beauty of the place still keeps fascinating me.
So, I can provide you with any information about the area and assure you that it is an erthly paradise during Spring and Autumn (May, June, September and October). July and August are both the most cosmopolitan months.

I am especially proud when guests make comments such as “paradise”, “picturesque place”” and I get even more proud when they visit me again and again. There are some people who have been visiting us for more than 20 years (initially they used to stay at my parents’ accommodation and as time went by they came to my accommodation)